Des Morceaux De Moi.




Oh my goodness.. “disheveled covered with cat hair…”

I will forever picture you this way <3 Crazy, reclusive cat-lady : ) Love it !

Thanks For Looking: Behind the Art of Welldunn

New mini-documentary about a close friend/many times old roommate of mine, Gregory Maxwell. Glad to see he’s finally getting some serious recognition. This dude has always been one of the hardest working artists I’ve known. Also an insanely good street-skater. 

Sidenote: Also features my ex-girlfriend/another ex-Dunn roommate (Julia Howard, another excellent visual artist/creative mind) which was a totally pleasant surprise to see as well : P 

I wish I had known this was getting put together, I have tons of old video footage of Dunn getting into different characters and improvising skits that I would have gladly contributed *~*

This kind of thing.. is one of the reasons I miss living in Albany. There really is such a great and supportive art/music scene in that tiny city.


kisstherailroadtracks said: Well I don’t think you like “oh-so-random kinds of music/art”. I often went to theaters and concerts alone, for the movie Broken Flowers, not only I was alone but also the only person in the theater.

Sigh. M.A… sometimes, I really wish that we lived closer to each other so we could be super-friends and hang out all the time ! : ) <3 

These drums. So delicious. 

This song makes me cry everytime I hear it. I think it’s the sweeping vocal harmonies that come in that does it to me.. I don’t know. Not cry in a sad way (okay sure, sometimes..) but more in a gosh-I’m-so-happy-that-people-make-such-beautiful-things way. Anyway.. it won’t laaaaast. 

Dear diary,

Wahhhh. Oh today, today. What’s with today, today ?


I missed the premiere of the new Slint documentary in DC tonight.

[face-palm deluxe]

Basically, because it started snowing earlier tonight. And because I slept all damn day. And because I forgot even though it was marked out in big bold letters on my calendar. Meh. I’ll just buy the new Spiderland box set (!) and own the film anyway.. but it would have been cool to go.. as I may have just met some nice people who are into some of the oh-so-random kinds of music/art and things that I seem to be into. Oh well.. ho-hum.

Oh, and the main reason I probably didn’t go.. is the usual reason: because I have no friends here and no one I know around these parts to accompany me in going out to have adventures or do anything fun. 

I guess I’ll just have to get more into guns, tractors, patriotism, chewing tobacco, and bad pop-country and try to make some friends around these parts. Yee-fucking-haaaa.

DANG IT ALL. I miss my little sister. Everyday, more and more. I wish I lived in Philly too, so I could go do fun stuff with her all the time. Go to shows. Go to museums. Smoke pot and make each other laugh until were sore. Eat Vietnamese food. Get into zany hi-jinks together. Make some music/art together. Start a band. Plant a vegetable garden. All the good things in life. 

La la la laaaaaaa. I’m bored. Or maybe just sleepy. Or both. Probably both.



I wish my girlfriend would write to me more (wink-wink, D-baby get on it girl.. sheeeeesh)

I’m going to go play my guitar now, my one true love and only friend in this god-forsaken town. I’ve got a fever.. and the only cure is an over-driven wall of drone. Mmm.. sweet.. warm.. drooooooone.


Bye for then. Bye for now. Shake all the hands, kiss all the babies.